70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes – Short Love Quotes 2019

70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes - Short Love Quotes 2019

70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes – Short Love Quotes 2019

70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes – Short Love Quotes 2019

70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes - Short Love Quotes 2019


70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes – Short Love Quotes 2019: Love is the best power in presence. Its essence can be profoundly felt wherever it lives. Love can defeat everything and can superbly change many-sided circumstances to the better. The extraordinary trouble of love, in any case, is that it is trying to locate the correct words to express what you’re feeling. The idea of love in itself is very hard to articulate.

Some of the time, it just takes some motivation that causes you to verbalize how profoundly you feel about your loved one. Consequently, we’ve arranged an accumulation of short love quotes to enable you to articulate your sentiments. (Try to likewise examine our choice of relationship quotes for significantly all the more rousing quotes about love).

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While the majority of us battle extraordinarily to articulate our emotions, there are some splendid individuals that can verbalize the intriguing enchantment of love in the most wonderful way. It’s these individuals’ words that portray love so consummately that sharing the accompanying short love quotes with your loved one can mean the world to them.

“I love you, for what you are, as well as for what I am the point at which I am with you.”

Roy Croft

What is so astounding about short love quotes is that these excellent expressions will light up the day of your loved one and will demonstrate to them the amount you give it a second thought.

Here are 75 wonderful short love quotes to express your love in an articulate way.

70 Beautiful Love Quotes

The accompanying love quotes praise the delight and ponder of the best power on earth. Appreciate!

1. Jackson Brown, Jr. on joy and love

Love is the point at which the other individual’s joy could easily compare to your own.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

2. Victor Hugo on the bloom of life

“Life is the bloom for which love is the nectar.”

Victor Hugo

3. David Viscott on being loved

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from the two sides.”

David Viscott

4. Barbara de Angelis on love’s most noteworthy blessing

“Love’s most noteworthy blessing is its capacity to make all that it contacts sacrosanct.”

Barbara de Angelis

5. Petrarch on the eternality of love

“Love is the delegated effortlessness of humankind, the holiest right of the spirit, the brilliant connection which ties us.”


6. Vladimir Nabokov on love at first sight

“It was love at first sight, finally locate, at ever and ever locate.”

Vladimir Nabokov

7. Albert Einstein on beginning to look all starry eyed at

“You can’t point the finger at gravity for becoming hopelessly enamored.”

Albert Einstein

8. Rumi on being conceived of love

“We are conceived of love; Love is our mom.”


9. Loretta Young on discovering love

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that discovers you.”

Loretta Young

10. Jackson Brown, Jr. on observing with the heart

“In some cases, the heart sees what is undetectable to the eye.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

11. Honore de Balzac on endless love

“Genuine romance is endless, limitless, and constantly such as itself.”

Honore de Balzac

12. Mother Teresa on the start of a love

“Let us constantly meet each other with a grin, for the grin is the start of love.”

Mother Teresa

13. Hermann Hesse on recognizing what love is

“In the event that I realize what love is, it is a result of you.”

Hermann Hesse

14. Honore de Balzac on intimate romance

“A lady knows the essence of the man she loves as a mariner knows the untamed ocean.”

Honore de Balzac

15. Obscure creator on living joyfully ever after

“I take a gander at you and see whatever is left of my life before my eyes.”


70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes - Short Love Quotes 2019


16. Ann Landers on love and kinship

“Love is kinship that has burst into flames. [… ] It agrees to not as much as flawlessness and considers human shortcomings.”

Ann Landers

17. Dorothy L. Sayers on returning home

“I love you. I am very still with you. I have gotten back home.”

Dorothy L. Sayers

18. Torquato Tasso on the missing bit of your spirit

“Love is the point at which he gives you a bit of your spirit, that you never knew was missing.”

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Torquato Tasso

19. Erich Fromm on developing a love

“Juvenile love says: ‘I love you since I require you.’ Mature love says ‘I require you since I love you.'”

Erich Fromm

20. Zora Hurston on what love does with us

“Love makes your spirit slither out from its concealing spot.”

Zora Neale Hurston

21. Ben Hecht on the enchantment of love

“Love is the entertainer that hauls man out of his own cap.”

Ben Hecht

22. Max Muller on blooms that bloom

“A bloom can’t bloom without daylight, and man can’t live without love.”

Max Muller

23. Cyril Connolly on cherishing yet once

“We love yet once, for once just are we flawlessly prepared for adoring.”

Cyril Connolly

24. Victor Hugo on the best bliss of life

“The best bliss of life is the conviction that we are loved.”

Victor Hugo

25. Dwindle Ustinov on unending absolution

“Love is a demonstration of perpetual absolution, a delicate look which turns into a propensity.”

Dwindle, Ustinov,

26. Bruce Lee on love that becomes more established

“Love resembles a fellowship burst into flames. As love becomes more seasoned, our hearts develop and our love progresses toward becoming as coals, profound consuming and insatiable.”

Bruce Lee

27. Jesus Christ on adoring one another

“Another order I give you: Love each other. As I have loved you, so you should love each other.”

Jesus Christ

28. Helen Keller on the scent of love

“Love resembles a wonderful bloom which I may not contact, but rather whose aroma makes the garden a position of pleasure nevertheless.”

Helen Keller

29. Maya Angelou on love that sets you free

“Abruptly we see that love costs all we are, and will ever be. However, it is just love which sets us free.”

Maya Angelou

30. J.R.R. Tolkien on hanging out

“I would preferably go through one lifetime with you, then face every one of the times of this world alone.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes - Short Love Quotes 2019

31. Eva Gabor on the session of love

“Love is a diversion that two can play and both win.”

Eva Gabor

32. Barbara de Angelis on the most ground-breaking power

“Love is a power more considerable than some other. It is imperceptible – it can’t be seen or estimated, yet it is ground-breaking enough to change you in a minute, and offer you more bliss than any material ownership could.”

Barbara de Angelis

33. Mother Teresa on vast love

“I have discovered the Catch 22, that in the event that you love until the point that it harms, there can be not any more harmed, just more love.”

Mother Teresa

34. Leo Buscaglia on missing life

“Love is life. Furthermore, in the event that you miss love, you miss life.”

Leo Buscaglia

35. Jean de la Bruyere on the best solid

“The best of all sounds is that of the voice of the lady we love.”

Jean de la Bruyere

36. Ferdinand Foch on incredible weapons

“The most ground-breaking weapon on earth is the human spirit ablaze.”

Ferdinand Foch

37. Lao Tzu on quality and bravery

“Being profoundly loved by somebody gives you quality while cherishing somebody profoundly gives you valor.”

Lao Tzu

38. Ingrid Bergman on kissing

“A kiss is a lovely trap planned ordinarily to stop discourse when words wind up pointless.”

Ingrid Bergman

39. John Morton on the intensity of love

“There is no restriction to the intensity of adoring.”

John Morton

40. Khalil Gibran on having love

“Love has not nor will it be controlled, for love is adequate unto love.”

Khalil Gibran

41. William Shakespeare on the elements of love

“Love is a smoke made with the smoke of moans.”

William Shakespeare

42. Dalai Lama on empathy and love

“Love and empathy are necessities, not extravagances. Without them, humankind can’t endure.”

Dalai Lama

43. Franklin P. Jones on having an advantageous ride

“Love doesn’t influence the world to go ’round. Love is the thing that makes the ride advantageous.”

Franklin P. Jones

44. Francis of Assisi on looking for love

“Ruler, allow that I may less try to be loved as to love.”

Francis of Assisi

45. Martin Luther King, Jr. on human development

“Man must develop for all human clash a strategy which rejects reprisal, hostility and striking back. The establishment of such a technique is love.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.”

70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes - Short Love Quotes 2019

46. Friedrich Nietzsche on cherishing life

“We love life, not on the grounds that we are accustomed to living but rather on the grounds that we are accustomed to cherishing.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

47. Oscar Wilde on cherishing yourself

“To love oneself is the start of a long-lasting sentiment.”

Oscar Wilde

48. Audrey Hepburn on clutching one another

“The best thing to clutch in life is one another.”

Audrey Hepburn

49. John Lennon on giving love a chance to develop

“Love is the blossom you must let develop.”

John Lennon

50. Aristotle on what love is made out of

“Love is made out of a solitary soul occupying two bodies.”


51. Antoine de Saint-Exupery on love

“Love does not comprise in looking at one another, but rather in searching externally together a similar way.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

52. Robert Frost on overwhelming wants

“Love is an overwhelming want to be compellingly wanted.”

Robert Frost

53. Francois de La R. on discovering love

“Genuine romance resembles phantoms, which everybody discusses and few have seen.”

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

54. George Herbert on having a delicate heart

“A delicate heart is tied with a simple string.”

George Herbert

55. Kristin Chenoweth on cherishing yourself

“In the event that you can figure out how to love yourself and every one of the blemishes, you can love other individuals so much better. What’s more, that makes you so upbeat.”

Kristin Chenoweth

56. Oscar Wilde on having love in your heart

“Keep love in your heart. An existence without it resembles a sunless garden when the blossoms are dead.”

Oscar Wilde

57. Robert Fulghum on the quality of love

“Love is more grounded than death.”

Robert Fulghum

58. Francois Rabelais on genuine romance

“To great and genuine romance dread is everlastingly appended.”

Francois Rabelais

59. Lao Tzu on the most grounded enthusiasm

“Love is of all interests the most grounded, for it assaults all the while the head, the heart, and the faculties.”

Lao Tzu

60. Seneca on wishing to be loved

“On the off chance that you wish to be loved, love.”


70 Beautiful Short Love Quotes - Short Love Quotes 2019

61. Mother Teresa on spreading the love

“Spread love wherever you go. Let nobody at any point come to you without leaving more joyful.”

Mother Teresa

62. Gilbert K. Chesterton on adoring anything

“The best approach to love anything is to understand that it might be lost.”

Gilbert K. Chesterton

63. Rabindranath Tagore on a definitive truth

“Love is the main reality and it’s anything but an insignificant supposition. It is a definitive truth that lies at the core of creation.”

Rabindranath Tagore

64. Martin Luther King, Jr. on staying with love

“I have chosen to stay with love. Detest is excessively incredible a weight, making it impossible to hold up under.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.”

65. Leigh Hunt on stolen kisses

“Stolen kisses are constantly best.”

Leigh Hunt

66. Pierre T. on the consecration of love

“Love is sacrosanct save of vitality; it resembles the blood of otherworldly development.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

67. Mother Teresa on requiring love

“The long for love is considerably more hard to evacuate than the strive after bread.”

Mother Teresa

68. Lao Tzu on the generosity

“Generosity in words makes a certainty. Benevolence in speculation makes significance. Generosity in giving makes love.”

Lao Tzu

69. Karl A. Menninger on relieving individuals

“Love fixes individuals – both the ones who give it and the ones who get it.”

Karl A. Menninger

70. Mahatma Gandhi on love and life

“Where there is love there is life.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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