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This program is designed for those who want to learn interesting mathematical tricks to accelerate the calculation. These tricks will help solve the part of mathematical problems and will work very well from the classical. They will also be helpful to those who want to create basic things like multiplication tables.

When you learn these mathematical tricks, you will be able to show your skills to friends and prove that you have a talent for mathematics. New skills that you can do at work, at school, in college, at work – Thanks to quick calculation skills, you can save a lot of valuable time.

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Funny Math Tricks:

1. Extra
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication Table
4. Division
5. Multiply the number of two digits by 11
6. Square number ending in 5
7. Multiply by 5
8. Multiply by 9
9. Multiply by 4
10. divided by 5
11. Subtracting from 1000
12. Hard multiplication
13. Power of two
14. Adding the number close to hundreds
15. Decreasing the number of hundreds
16. Multiply the number between 11 and 19
17. Square number between 11 and 99
18. Multiply two digit numbers by the same ten digits and add one digit to ten
19. Square number between 50 and 59
20. Square number between 40 and 49
21. Multiply editing two digit numbers in 1
22. Percent
23. Square number between 100 and 109

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