Who are the Indians who earn Rs 2 crore every day in the US?

Indian-origin Nickesh Arora has become CEO of the world’s highest paid wage package (chief executive officer). Before Nick Nash, he has also worked at Soft Bank and Google.

Nikesh Cyber ​​Security Company has become CEO in the Alto network, where his package is worth $ 12.8 million or about 857 crores.

Exclusive! 6.7 crores will be paid and the same amount will be in bonus form. Also, they are worth Rs. 268 crore shares will be sold, which they will not be able to sell for seven years.

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If the company succeeds in tripling the shares of the company within seven years, then they will get more than Rs. 442 crores.

Apart from Niko’s own money, the Alto network costs Rs. Can buy 134 crore shares and the same price will be given to them. Nickesh could not sell this stock for seven years.

Despite the 29% increase in Alto Network’s quarterly profit, the stock price of the company declined unexpectedly.

This decreased despite higher profits and higher profits than expected last year.

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Nickesh Arora will replace Mark Mikloclin. They were at this position since 2011. Mark was vice-chairman, while Nickesh Arora became the chairman of the board.

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Such a huge salary for many analysts is a surprise. Credit Suisse analyst Brad Zelliken told the Financial Times that Nickesh Arora has no experience with Cyber ​​Security.
Currently, cyber security is suffering from data analysis problems, while the experience of the cloud of cloud computing and data sector is also beneficial to the company.

Earlier Apple CEO team was the highest paid CEO in the world of Cook Technology. His annual package was $ 119 million.

When Nikkei left Google’s job in 2014, his annual salary was $ 50 million (Rs 28 crore).

After that, Nickesh joined the Soft Bank and there he bought shares worth $ 483 million. Nickesh remained involved with the company until June 2016.
In an interview given to the Business Standard, Nickesh Arora said that many companies refused to give them jobs and America had to receive three thousand dollars from the house while coming.

When Nikesh found a job in Google, his time changed. He was President of Google Operation Europe from 2004 to 2007. In 2011, Nickesh made Google’s Chief Business Officer.
In 2014, Aroda joined the Soft Bank, where he was head of Global Internet Investment.

Nicksey invested heavily in the international internet in India and Indonesia. Nickesh was also included on the board of the Soft Bank.

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Who is Nick?

50-year-old Nikesh Arora was born on February 6, 1968 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

His father was an officer in Indian Air Force. Nikesh’s primary education was in the school of Arfors.
Then in 1989, Nekse graduated from Banaras Hindu University with IT (Information Technology).

Soon after the study, he joined Wipro company, but soon quit the job.

Then Nick went to America for higher studies. Niche did an MBA from Boston University.

In 1992, Nick has joined Fidelity Investments as an analyst, and at the same time he joined the Financial Program from Boston College. Nickesh worked in the morning and studied at night.

Nachish brought hard work, he topped the class. In 1995, Nicksey completed the Chartered Financial Analyst course.

In Fidelity Investments, he also reached the position of Vice President (Finance).
After Fidelity, Nickess joined Pottman Investment, where after working for a short time, Nikkei Deutsche entered the telecom sector.

During the tenure of Soft Bank, Nikkei invested heavily in India’s e-commerce company. In 2015, the exhibition was honored by the ET as ‘Global Indian’.

Nikesh’s first marriage with Kiran, he has a daughter with this relationship. After divorcing Kiran, Nikase married Ayesha Thapar in a second marriage.

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