You can suffer from tennis elbow if you spend long hours on computer

Tennis elbow is a condition in which the lower arm muscles and ligaments are influenced prompting agony and delicacy outwardly of the elbow. Previously, pro cricketer Sachin Tendulkar experienced tennis elbow and experienced treatment for it yet this time around tennis elbow is doing the rounds in the news in light of the fact that (allegedly) Ajay Devgn has it.


Tennis elbow is soreness or torment outwardly (parallel) side of the upper arm close to the elbow.

Dr Pallavi, a nutritionist from Noida says:

Tennis elbow is irritation of the point where the ligaments of the elbow get connected to a hard projection called as epicondyle of the elbow and for the most part happens that happens when ligaments in the elbow are over-burden, more often than not by dreary movements of the wrist and arm.

Reasons for TENNIS ELBOW

The piece of the muscle that appends to a bone is known as a ligament. A portion of the muscles in your lower arm join deep down outwardly of your elbow.

It can spread to the lower arm and the wrist moreover. Despite the fact that it is a condition seen more in competitors, other individuals who utilize the elbow excessively can create it as well; even extend periods of time on the PC may prompt this.

– said Dr Pallavi.

When you utilize these muscles again and again, little tears create in the ligament. After some time, this prompts disturbance and agony where the ligament is joined deep down.

This damage is basic in individuals who play a considerable measure of tennis or other racquet sports, henceforth the name “tennis elbow.” Strike is the most well-known stroke to cause indications.

Be that as it may, any movement that includes redundant curving of the wrist (like utilizing a screwdriver) can prompt this condition. In this way, painters, handymen, development specialists, cooks, and butchers are on the whole more prone to create tennis elbow.

This condition may likewise be because of the steady PC console and mouse utilize.

Side effects

Elbow torment that progressively intensifies

Agony emanating from the outside of the elbow to the lower arm and back of the hand when getting a handle on or turning

Powerless handle


Your specialist or medical attendant will look at you. The exam may appear:

Agony or delicacy when the ligament is tenderly squeezed close where it connects to the upper arm bone, over the outside of the elbow

Torment close to the elbow when the wrist is bowed in reverse

X-beams might be finished.


The initial step is to rest your arm and keep away from the movement that causes your manifestations for no less than 2 – 3 weeks. You may likewise need to:

Put ice outwardly of your elbow 2 – 3 times each day.

Take nonsteroidal calming drugs, (for example, ibuprofen, naproxen, or headache medicine).

On the off chance that your tennis elbow is because of games movement, you may need to:

Get some information about any progressions you can make to your system.

Check any games hardware you are utilizing to check whether any progressions may help. On the off chance that you play tennis, changing your hold size of the racket may help.

Consider how regularly you have been playing and whether you should decrease.

The treatment is typically rest, icing and calming meds in the underlying stage with physiotherapy and quality preparing to be done once the underlying torment has gone.

– said Dr Pallavi.

On the off chance that your side effects are identified with chipping away at a PC, get some information about rolling out improvements to your workstation or have somebody take a gander at how your seat, work area, and PC are set up.

A word related advisor can indicate you activities to extend and reinforce the muscles of your lower arm.

You can purchase an uncommon support for tennis elbow at most medication stores. It wraps around the upper piece of your lower arm and takes a portion of the weight off the muscles.

Your specialist may likewise infuse cortisone and a desensitizing pharmaceutical around the territory where the ligament joins deep down. This may help diminish the swelling and torment.

In the event that the torment proceeds following 6 – a year of rest and treatment, surgery might be suggested. Converse with your orthopedic specialist about the dangers, and whether surgery may help.

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